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Global News's Eramelinda Boquer invited George Karkour, The Shower Song's…

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@theshowersong Meet The Sonia Balazovjech Dance Company’s very founder, Sonia Balazovjech, along with her beautiful and talented dancers. Sonia’s a powerhouse, a maternal figure and The Shower Song’s choreographer and spiritual leader. We spent 3 months rehearsing the film’s shower dance with SBDC before filming… And here’s a Sneak Peek! Like what you see? There’s plenty more to come! Subscribe to our TikTok! #theshowersong #shortfilm #musicvideo #creativesongs #funfilms #montreal #mtl #theshowersongBTS #theshowersongtalents #theshowersongdancers #dance #dancing #dancers #art #music #mtlmoments ♬ original sound - The Shower Song®
@theshowersong The Shower Song is a comedic music video that revolves around a mischievous singer's daydreams and adventures in the shower. To watch the trailer, please follow our TikTok! The stories that unfold in the film carry an important social message. If you’re a progressive person who believes sexism, homophobia and transphobia still exist all around us today, and you dream of a world where peace, love and coexistence reign, you’ll truly enjoy this audiovisual experience created by George Karkour, a Canadian filmmaker. “This is The Shower Song! No words can go wro-ong!” This short film is a song, a music video, a universe led by charismatic loveable characters (and the real human beings behind them), and it carries a social message that’s packed with imaginative visual effects and soul. The added fun of it all is that the project was filmed through an aquatic lens, one that replicates the language of water. So when the time comes, try not to get too wet along the way! Please follow our social media and keep on visiting our website www.theshowersong.com to be the first one to watch the film once it’s out! #theshowersong #shortfilm #musicvideo #musicvideo #creativesongs #funfilms #montreal #mtl #theshowersongBTS #theshowersongtalents #art #music #mtlmoments #theshowerdance ♬ original sound - The Shower Song®