George, The Shower Song singer and mischievous protagonist, walks into his modern bathroom as he yawns and walks funny, meaning he just woke up. He kicks off the song with the introduction lyrics “This is The Shower Song, no words can go wrong!”

Character GeorgeActorGeorge KarkourFavourite DishPoutine

In a quick turn of events, George teleports from the shower to the office where Agnes and the three sexist executives were seen earlier, and lights a match, triggering the fire alarm. Flooding chaos ensues in the office.

What other fun things that can take place while singing in the shower? Besides a spider scare and a bunch of idealistic daydreams of crowds storming out of mall gates and saying a little prayer for our loved ones, forgetting yourself in a moment of optimistic euphoria is certainly a classic.

George, wearing a fedora and backed with jazzy music clearly an homage to the 60s, sings “and here comes the chorus, loud but late and causing a ruckus!” It’s a funny moment to be sure; such half-clothed performance is a visual embodiment of one’s self-confidence in the shower. You forget your regularity for a moment, you’re a full-on diva, screaming at the top of your lungs, ineluctably leading to complaints from Granette, your next-door neighbour.

P.S. The drawings are pre-production sketches that were based on the director’s vision and inspiration. In function, they were a guiding force that helped carve the filmed scenes’ composition. At times, you might notice discrepancies between the sketch and the actual scene, and this happens for various reasons: some things look better a certain way in practice, limited resources limit the possibilities or even, the director has honed the idea, or decided to change the meaning entirely. For most of The Shower Song though, the scenes have come out spot-on identical to the vision.


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