When the song ends, marking the end of the shower, George steps out, a towel around the waist. There we see Toby and Samantha, the protagonists we met earlier, lying on George’s bed! “Nice song man!” Toby exclaims, to which Samantha crankily replies “Wait until you hear it every day!”, making George laugh. She lovingly taps on the bed and asks George to join. In response to this invitation, he exclaims with a big mischievous “And… I just showered!?”

Character Toby, George & SamanthaActorLaurent Marion, George Karkour & Amber Layne

As for Toby and Samantha, we understand that George was daydreaming about characters he knew in person all along (and feeling their pain). Were the happy endings of these two characters, like Toby being accepted by his parents, or Samantha getting closure over her brother’s death, real? Or was it just wishful thinking? It’s up to the viewer to decide. 
We understand that George is in a “throuple”, and he’s probably bisexual (Toby being gay and Samantha being a woman, both on his bed).
 As part of the bedroom decor, easter eggs shed light on earlier scenes, like an alien statue and red kickboxing gloves.

By the way, the initial plan was to have George dive “into the lens”, as you can see in the comparative thumbs below, but we ended using a bird’s eye view in the film. You can watch the dive in the “Making Of” though.

P.S. The drawings are pre-production sketches that were based on the director’s vision and inspiration. In function, they were a guiding force that helped carve the filmed scenes’ composition. At times, you might notice discrepancies between the sketch and the actual scene, and this happens for various reasons: some things look better a certain way in practice, limited resources limit the possibilities or even, the director has honed the idea, or decided to change the meaning entirely. For most of The Shower Song though, the scenes have come out spot-on identical to the vision.


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