Grumpy Maher

Maher is a grumpy, fully-dressed older man. He’s a bystander of the shower dance, accompanied by his kind wife. When he sees the shower crowds, he shakes his head in disapproval with a judgy look, kind of saying “look at this generation and their silly activities.” It’s a comedic relief to be sure: we want the audience to identify with Maher on some level. The audience doesn’t know it yet, but Maher will turn out to be a central character in the music video.

Character MaherActorJules Bégin

It’s night time, we’re at the public square with no shower crowds in sight and the water fountains are inactive. An unidentified man sneaks in. It turns out to be Maher, the grumpy man we met earlier, in swimwear. He starts dancing to The Shower Song.

At Granette’s, she’s had it with all the noise! Unbeknownst to Maher, she livestreams him as he dances his heart out, for the whole world to see. The feed is also broadcast on national television, where George, Samantha and Toby bear witness to the hilarious spectacle.

It’s also revealed that one of the dancers had brought over a The Shower Song blue hat and put it on his head earlier during in the day, planting a smile on his grumpy face. The film ends with an epic freeze frame of an euphoric Maher, who’s released his inner beast.

P.S. The drawings are pre-production sketches that were based on the director’s vision and inspiration. In function, they were a guiding force that helped carve the filmed scenes’ composition. At times, you might notice discrepancies between the sketch and the actual scene, and this happens for various reasons: some things look better a certain way in practice, limited resources limit the possibilities or even, the director has honed the idea, or decided to change the meaning entirely. For most of The Shower Song though, the scenes have come out spot-on identical to the vision.


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